Answer Line

You have questions? We have answers! It is sometimes hard to learn about the club and our hobby, especially if you are new to either or both. In our club, we have the resources and the willingness to help out in most cases. If your questions are about the club and how it operates, you should contact the club officers and volunteers. For example, questions about upcoming field trips should be directed to the VP Field Trips. If you fail to receive your newsletter, check with the Membership Chairman to insure that they have your correct email address. Their telephone numbers are listed on the first page of this newsletter and they would be glad to hear from you. If you have questions about a segment of our hobby, pick out one of the members below who have experience in that area and give them a call. They are ready, willing and usually able to help!

Max Hatch 636-0946 – Field Trips, Lapidary, Silversmithing, Faceting

Alex Horst 830-9455 – Silversmithing (classes), Gemstone Carving, Commercial

Keith Horst 778-7243 – Lapidary (classes), Commercial

Larry and Pam Jackson 636-9188 – Lapidary, Faceting, Silversmithing, Beading

Maggi Lieber 520-831-0017 – Intarsia, Lapidary

John McArthur 636-9790 – Field Trips, Intarsia, Lapidary

John Munday 772-9053 – Wire Wrapping, Lapidary

Gary Pope 541-7872 – Minerals

Phil Preble 541-0614 – Minerals

Marilyn & Dick Rodenburg 778-5166 – Faceting, Lapidary

Jim Turner 308-6535 – Field Trips

If you are willing to share your experience/expertise in an area not covered by the volunteers above, please tell Maggi Lieber (520-831-4860 or In particular, we need someone with experience in prospecting to join our list.