old Junior Rock Hounds

Welcome to the Prescott Gem and Mineral Future Rock hounds of America program, affectionately called the “Junior Rock Hounds”. The goals of the junior rock hound program are:

To educate the area youth to safe rock hounding, mineral/fossil collection and identification, the lapidary arts and to foster the individual talents to promote responsibility, accountability and leadership roles in their community and within the Prescott Gem and Mineral Club.

We will be following the merit badge program, as outlined by the American Federation of Mineral Societies (to review, please go to http://www.amfed.org/kids.htmThis program is designed to continuously repeat, so youth that join in the middle of the cycle, will never need to catch up or make up sections.

Each month, either a meeting or field trip will be scheduled. Meetings will consist of guest speakers and mineral identification (a mineral of that month for educational purposes). These meetings will be held separate from the monthly club meetings. Click on this link for our Event Calendar. Please note the change of date from June 30, 2012 to June 23, 2012.

A recent activity that all seemed to enjoy.

The junior rock hounds are in need of some supplies through the year. If you can help please bring to any meeting or call Karyn Bee, Youth Chair at 928 237-4876. Thanks for all your support and help getting our program up and running! We are doing great! The following are some of our needs:

1. We are collecting small minerals to give away for this years show and to get ready for out tables for next year. We are looking for minerals under 1 1/2 inch in size, and general minerals we can sell. If you have any or are out collecting, could you please think of us? Just put them in a bag and let us know what it is and were you collected it.

2. Bags for small minerals specimens…if you happen to have a lot of extras, or if you are at Walmart and think of us…they have 100 bags for $1.

3. Folding chairs needed. We have a large table, and no chairs. Even if you only have one, it will help!

4. We have a new library getting set up, and are looking for extra books to put in it. All Books on rock, mineral & fossil are welcome!

5. Do you have an older microscope you are not using? We would love one to be donated for our micro mount study!

6. Glue on bails for our lapidary project.

7. Do you have an abundance of unusual mineral? We have set up a mineral display in our “workshop” and would love to add your specimen there! Please put a tag with stating what it is, where it was found, and who is donating it. Thank you Frank and Charlotte Picasso for the wonderful stuff you donated to us! We appreciate all the folks that are reaching out to help us!

And don’t forget this month we are having our 50/50 drawing! Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. All money is collected and one ticket is drawn. The winner gets half of all money collected!